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About us

 UAB “Eko sesės”

Our business started with two sisters who wanted to offer something clean, environmentally friendly, high-quality, helping people to be healthy. As you have already seen, so is the “Eco Sisters”. At that time, there were no slow-moving juicers that donated man’s “live” juice, so we took action. In order to preserve all vitamins in fruits and vegetables, we also offered ceramic knives to the market. At this stage, another sister’s soul joined the two sisters, and three of them are already working.

Later, when one sister was setting up his own yard, the idea was that it would be good to buy a beautiful, durable, comfortable greenhouse that could grow your own vegetables. Say it’s done. And since the greenhouse is aesthetically beautiful, comfortable to use, adapted to the modern person – we also offered it to our customers. Well, it’s a good idea to grow your own vegetables, grind them with ceramic knives and slowly squeeze juice full of vitamin juice!

At that time, one of the first sessions decided that the business was not in its field and decided to “find happiness” in other activities. And found! If you are interested, please inquire about:

And the remaining “almost” sisters continued to think what else could be offered to their customers with a nice and good one? At that time, there was a need to set up a terrace, comfortably rest in it … Needed outdoor furniture. And what if the outdoor furniture, which would be beautiful, comfortable and suitable for the Lithuanian climate, offer its customers? Of course! We make our own vegetables, press juice and enjoy sitting on comfortable armchairs, sofas in our gardens, terraces or balconies.

At this time, our life as a “Eco Sisters” is on the stage of the garden and the terraces. We offer comfortable, high quality, durable PE rattan furniture. Look carefully at selected models and models that have been refined for several years on our website www.ecosisters.eu.

We guarantee a lot of pleasant and memorable moments! And for the rest to be sophisticated, we took care of the barbecue: >>>>>>>>>>>