ekoseses, eko seses

About us

“Eko seses” UAB

Our business started ten years ago from a simple sisters phone conversation – “maybe let’s start a business”? We only had a nice idea to share good things with others. We wanted to offer the market something ecological, high-quality that helps people to be healthier. Only this seemed meaningful and interesting to us. Naturally, the name of the company “Eco sisters” came from this.

The first products we imported were slow-speed juicers, which were not available in our country at that time. Later we added ceramic knives and polycarbonate greenhouses to our assortment. And then our first outdoor furniture came. We joke that everything was logical: to grow organic vegetables in a greenhouse, cut them with a ceramic knife, squeeze juice in a slow juicer, and drink it on comfortable outdoor furniture in terrace 😊
In fact, everything is simple, we were looking for what was relevant to us at the time, experimenting and at the same time offering to others: quality products that promotes a healthier life.

After various experiments, today we know for sure, our biggest love is outdoor furniture and accessories. It is so good to create coziness on the terraces, where people can enjoy the fresh air, great company or just relax! We can talk without interruptions about outdoor furniture, their features, differences, materials, details, accessories that could fit on the client’s terrace. Sometimes we feel like fairies helping people to create a cozy space where miracles can take place. Customers often think that our products are only for large terraces. Certainly not, after all, the balcony is a mini terrace. Unleash balconies from pantry status and create mini-terraces! You will rejoice, also your town or city will become more beautiful with your wonderful balconies.

So, in a decade, our business has taken over and grown. Basically we are online shop, but also we have the show room for our customers in “Skraja” furniture shop in Vilnius, we are working with HORECA customers too.

The family business is special because we work with inspiration, we always listen to customer needs,  sometimes we make impossible things and our customers value it.

By the way, many asks if we are sisters. In fact, the start of the business was when the two sisters started the company, but now the “sisters” has a slightly different relationship, we are mothers of cousins 😊