Candles – for the coziness of home and terrace

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It is a warm and unforgettable gift

You will enjoy the cozy candlelight on your terrace for up to 516 hours!

You can choose the size and color (see the table for details).

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Candle – for home and terrace coziness

These are hand-cast natural wax candles that create coziness and warmth in your home, your environment, your daily life … These candles are one-piece, impressively sized, long-burning, palm wax candles. Unique in that they can also be used as outdoor lights on your terrace. It’s an amazing romantic embellishment that can become a long-memorable gift. Unlike paraffin candles, which emit carcinogens that are toxic to human health when burning, these candles are only 100% natural: palm wax and cotton wax. The candle is made without the addition of artificial wax stiffeners, synthetic aromas, so they are odorless, completely safe for humans and environmentally friendly. With the help of unique technology, the hardened palm wax acquires a frosty texture, which turns the candle not only into a practical object to create the coziness of a home or terrace, but also into a unique work of art, a unique decoration.

Colors: white, grey, black, brown.


Burning TIME


11x11x 20 cm140 h20 Eur
11x11x 30 cm243 h30 Eur
11x11x 45 cm408 h45 Eur
11x11x 55 cm516 h55 Eur


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