Saddlebag Mini OUTSIDE

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Mini – For unexpected guests!

It is a pouf-shaped compact seat bag for both children and adults. Suitable for use in a variety of everyday situations: seating unexpected guests, sitting down, wearing board games, or dining by the fire in nature. It is especially popular with children, so it is a great gift for little ones on various holiday occasions.

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Saddlebag MINI OUTSIDE is the strongest material we have! Use products from this material anywhere, anytime! We use these faux leather seat bags even in extreme conditions: on rubble, asphalt, in snow arenas and even in the rain! Outside material is perfect for outdoor use. Faux leather beanbags are often used in corporate outdoor events, recreation areas, and on residential balconies, patios, and homesteads. It has an inner bag so you can clean the outside. With the possibility of replenishment. Filler – polystyrene granules.

Fabric properties: 2% PU 83% PVC 15% polyester. Synthetic Leather. Weight: 600 g / m2. Abrasion resistance: 120,000 (Martindale test). Waterproof. Breathable. Cleaned.




MINI OUTSIDE45×35(h)x45cm50L


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