Wireless lamp BUBBLE

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Wireless luminaire – unique news for the coziness of your environment. The lighting of the chosen color will create the desired mood – different every night! The luminaire is rechargeable and its possibilities are endless: you can place the luminaire wherever you want or even float in the water!

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Wireless lamp BUBBLE is wonderful news for decorating your surroundings and creating cozy lighting on your terrace, balcony, yard or home. You can put it wherever you want or even float in the water!

It is rechargeable.

The luminaire is made of high quality plastic with natural fiber, so it is resistant to extreme temperatures.

It also has protection against ultraviolet rays, which means that the service life of the product is extremely long.

Wireless lamp BUBBLE is available in several sizes: 20, 30 and 40 cm.

The luminaire has a sensor – it turns on itself at dusk.

Glows warm white, switches to RGB lighting in various colors.

Controlled by remote control.

Power supply: solar batteries + rechargeable lithium battery (charging cable included)

Education time: up to 6 hours with solar batteries, up to 30 hours with lithium battery. after full charge.

Available for 12 months. warranty.

Made in Europe.

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